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Avert ITD is proud to offer Macrium products to our clients and resellers for complete data security in a personal or commercial environment. Macrium is about reliable backup and imaging to prevent valuable data from being compromised due to malware, cyber attacks, technical shortfalls, and physical disasters. It allows ultimate control.

Servers are not infallible. They're vulnerable to failure for several reasons. And, if this happens, businesses can be crippled for days as IT specialists attempt to recover the data. However, effective backups and imaging can mean the difference between being down for hours or days and possibly losing some sensitive data permanently, and almost-instant recovery of all your critical data.

Imaging is simple technology that takes a “snapshot” of important data on the drive, operating system, and other critical files. It can easily reproduce it to restore it to a new server in the unfortunate event of an attack or other threat to your data security.

Data backup works by copying your data and storing it externally to keep it safe. If your systems are compromised by malicious attacks or natural disasters, this data can meticulously and effectively be retrieved and restored from this external location.

Millions of users around the world have experienced how efficient, flexible, easy to use, and affordable these products are. They are fast, small and reliable; ideal for small businesses, technicians, maintenance staff, and MSPs.

Windows backups for virtual machines, servers and workstations.
On-site backups, focusing on cloud integration and off-site synchronisation.
Images that are fast and easy to recover.
Deployment of large-scale computer imaging.
Scheduling and management of backups across the network from one console.

The Macrium Offering

Macrium offers
Ransomware protection – protect your files, folders and images from harmful ransomware with Macrium Image Guardian.
Bare metal restore – Macrium ReDeploy gives you the ability to restore your backups to hardware that is dissimilar.
Rapid delta cloning and restoration – clone and restore your data quickly and effectively.
Incremental backups – schedule intra-daily backups for the most thorough and comprehensive solution.
Local, network and USB backups
Macrium viBoot – manage your images with the instant virtualisation capabilities of VirtualBox and Hyper-V.
Macrium's Features
Management of multiple sites (deployment, scheduling and monitoring can all be done from one central hub).
Repository management (data is consolidated and synced in the cloud).
Faster restoration and cloning means that your business can work more efficiently and seamlessly.
Disaster recovery.
Various systems and hardware are supported.

Macrium Software

Reflect 8 Home Edition
Reflect Server

Reflect Technicians License

Reflect Workstation
Site Manager 8

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