EZ-rate is an easy to use customer satisfaction rating tool. It provides valuable insight into how satisfied your customers are with your products and services.

Customers can quickly and easily rate your products and services by simply clicking a button inside the body of an email. These ratings are gathered and stored inside a central repository that management can review and analyze through the use of an easy to use web interface.

Predefined dashboards allows management to review customer satisfaction at a glance. Analytics and reporting tools inside the web management console allows management to drill down and do an in-dept analysis on customer ratings.

The management interface is provided as a service that can be easily accessed through a web interface. This means that there is no need for cumbersome server installations. Email rating interfaces are also provided through generated HTML, which is then added to email signatures. This eliminates the need for installing software on workstations. No overheads or additional resource usage on your existing infrastructure.

Why is feedback important?

Building loyalty with the customer

Get actionable customer feedback in real-time to make better decisions

Understand what customers want and need from your product or service

Respond quickly to negative feedback and turn it into a positive experience for the customer

Figure out what is not working, and fix these issues

Find new opportunities for services or customer retention

Building up your customer base

Get insights on competitor services

More informed decisions make for satisfied customers!


Customizable signature design

Customizable html email snippet

Load your own rating levels and images

Mail server

Add your own mail client credentials

Email Notifications

Notifications can be email to multiple users and external email addresses

Customize email sending criteria

Live Dashboard

Dashboard view with overall report on ratings with drill down and filtering


Review ratings to improve performance

Multiple departments

Add multiple departments with their own rating levels, email notifications and users

EZ-rate's ease of use and ease of deployment separates us from the rest. It is a valuable tool that provides needed insight into how satisfied your customers are with your business.

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