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Hashing Algorithms
A Closer Look at Hashing and Encryption
29 Sep 2022
In our digital age, security is more important than ever. We rely on our devices to keep us connected and organized, but we also need to be able to trust that our data is safe from unauthorized access.
Avast and NortonLifeLock merge to tackle new challenges in Cyber Safety
19 Sep 2022
It's been more than a year since Avast and NortonLifeLock announced our intention to merge.
What is FIDO?
8 Sep 2022
FIDO (Fast ID Online) is an industry consortium that includes technology giants Apple, Google, Microsoft, and BlackBerry, as well as financial institutions such as PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.
Trust Avast to keep your businesses safe from ransomware and other advanced cyberattacks.
11 Aug 2022
Avast has two new features including USB Protection (device control), Mobile Protection and beefed up on their existing protection features for Ransomware Shield (launching in late August).
Do You Deploy PCs Manually? If So, You Need an Imaging Tool
28 Jul 2022
The Macrium Reflect Deployment kit is all about harnessing the power of imaging to keep your information as safe and easy to restore as possible.
Is Open Source Software Safe?
29 Jun 2022
You may have heard the term "open source software" before, but what does it actually mean? Open source software is software that allows users to access and modify the code. This means that anyone can see how the program works and make changes to it.
What is a Phishing Attack?
21 Jun 2022
Phishing attacks are attempts to acquire sensitive information like usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an email or other communication.
cyber security
Data leakage and how to prevent it
2 Jun 2022
Data leakage, also known as a data breach, is dangerous, inconvenient, and extremely costly.
Why server security is important
25 May 2022
Learn why it's so important to protect your servers from attack and find out how IP Warden can help.
Are my customers happy?
18 May 2022
The best way to improve your business is by listening. And together with listening, the lifeblood of any business is providing excellent customer service.
AvertITD’s Partner Portal to our partners.
2 May 2022
We are pleased to announce the launch of the AvertITD's Partner Portal to our partners.

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