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Reflect Workstation

The Macrium Reflect Workstation is a complete, comprehensive backup solution. It handles the security of the operating system, data and documents in a commercial setting and is an excellent product to protect you and your clients.

It uses advanced disk imaging technology for the endpoint backup of the devices (PCs and laptops) and workstations that are business-critical in your organisation. The Workstation product is reliable for the recovery of the full spectrum – from files and folders to the whole Windows Operating System.

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Macrium viBoot – this allows for instant Hyper-V virtualisation so that you can create, start and manage virtual machines instantly with the virtual booting of backup images.
Macrium Image Guardian – protects your backups from ransomware.
Incremental and differential images are faster than they’ve ever been, thanks to the new backup engine.
Macrium ReDeploy – restore your images to hardware that is dissimilar. This is not included in the trial version.
Rapid delta cloning – copies file system deltas to increase cloning speed significantly.
All of your folders and files can be backed up to a single compressed archive file.
Predefined backup plans are available for the most popular backup strategies.
Extremely fast live imaging of physical and virtual Windows systems.
Mount your images in Windows Explorer. This ensures that you can recover them easily.
Rapid delta restore – this allows you to recover your important images in just seconds or minute
Administration that has been vastly simplified.
Quickly and easily recover partitions and entire disk images.
Your whole PC and/or workstation can be backed up to a single compressed image file.
Full backup and recovery of files and folders.
Up-to-date support for all of the most recent Windows Operating Systems and disk formats.

GPT and MBR disk support.

Designed for endpoint backup of business-critical PCs, laptops and workstations in a commercial environment.

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