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Site Manager 8

The Macrium Site Manager 8 is backup software in an updated management platform. Its purpose is to make speedy recovery and security easier. Users can manage multiple Macrium Reflect instances in one interface that is efficient and easy to navigate. Download and use it for free.

The scalability is the secret to its success because, for many organisations, a backup is only valuable if it’s done at scale. The Macrium Site Manager manages Reflect across a number of workstations and servers. This means that your data is secure across the board and that your IT staff are more easily able to retrieve it in the case of data loss.

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It’s easy and scalable, a flexible solution to keep your data secure. This keeps downtime for your clients or your own organisation to a minimum.
Sync to cloud storage platforms remotely.
Schedule your intra-daily backups from one central location.
Universal rescue media – this restores all of your machines with just one USB stick.
Resilient File System (ReFS) and exFAT support (Server and Server Plus Editions) – these enable intelligent sector copy, MIG and CBT.
Support for imaging and cloning USB sticks – a stick can be cloned to other sticks or internal disks.
New tbFAT driver – mount file and folder backups up to 3.9 TB in Windows Explorer. Version 8 now shows the original file size and its contents.
A revised log view that makes it easier to locate and navigate the logs than previous versions.
OAuth 2.0 email authentication for both Outlook 365 and Gmail.
Scheduled intra-daily backups – these provide almost continuous backup protection
The optimised light and dark themes make the user experience optimal.

Automatic partition resizing – this is used when cloning or restoring to different sized disks. Site Manager 8 also allows the user to set free space before and after a copied partition so that they can easily locate and resize the partitions on the target disk.

Improved functionality for backup file names to allow for the inclusion of dynamic information in the name.
Excellent user interface for adding folders to the File and Folder backups.
New view of “Existing Backups” tab with extra functionality (view backup files in their backup chain hierarchy, go to individual backup folders, and edit the comments in backups).
viBoot with Oracle VirtualBox support so that users have access to the instant virtualisation of images. If your customers don’t have a Windows Operating System that can run Hyper-V or that need USB virtualisation, VirtualBox reduces the time to recover (TTR) or tests the image restore capabilities.

Manage multiple instances of Macrium Reflect in a single, easy to use interface

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