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Introducing - SiteDeploy

Macrium has leveraged our unique imaging capabilities to help customers manage complex tasks quickly and to scale if needed. From deploying uninitialized computers to new offices and home workers, to regular resetting of critical workstations, SiteDeploy will save IT teams significant time and money.

Macrium’s trusted technology provides exceptional Time to First Service (TTFS) and Time to Restored Service (TTRS). Setup, connection, and golden image management is simple and hassle free.


With SiteDeploy, users can guarantee PCs are identically setup, even with dissimilar hardware configurations in disparate locations.
Automated, replicable, and hands-free set up removes multiple barriers to fast scalability. It’s the ideal solution for mission critical environments.
Windows Golden Image central storage management helps you deploy quickly, reset with confidence, and handle tasks without putting boots on the ground.

Deployment for the modern workforce

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