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Reflect Technicians License

The Macrium Reflect technician’s License enables IT maintenance and support to put Macrium Reflect’s backup engine onto one convenient, portable USB stick or ISO-based portable application. This enables a technician to recover any number of servers and workstations without having to install the backup on each. They can carry Macrium Reflect and all of its conveniences in their pocket!

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The subscription can be renewed at a discount after a year

This license is only for one technician and covers a restore to the same computer or its replacement. This is different to the Reflect Deployment Kit, which covers five technicians and allows deployment to multiple devices.


Harness the full power of Reflect from a USB stick.
The bootable rescue environment is included, so the IT technician can repair and restore computers that are not booting for whatever reason.
Full maintenance and technical support.
Reliable data backup.
Single, perpetual install of Macrium Reflect Server.
Free upgrade protection and tech support for subscription period.

Backup is a powerful tool in ensuring the reliability and performance of IT equipment.

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