Barracuda Solutions

Impersonation Protection

(formerly Barracuda Sentinel)

Stop advanced email threats

Protect your customers from targeted, social engineered advanced email threats that are designed to bypass traditional gateway security. Prevent these threats from your customers’ inboxes with AI-based threat detection.

Grow your business

Email is the number one attack vector and gateway protection is no longer sufficient to protect against the advanced email threats. Expand your email security portfolio with phishing and impersonation protection to further protect your customers, and growing your business.

Demonstrate your value

Your customers are looking to you to be their cybersecurity expert. Show your value with a comprehensive email protection service that not only protects the email gateway from spams and malware emails but also phishing and other business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

Prevent advanced email threats

Spear-phishing, BEC, impersonation, zero-day phishing, inbound spoofing, and account takeover email attacks are designed to evade traditional security systems and trick users to click on the malicious link. Barracuda’s AI engine learns unique communication patterns and leverages these patterns to identify anomalies and quarantine these attacks in real-time.

AI-driven inbox security

Barracuda’s artificial intelligence (AI) learns the communication patterns within the company and between employees and can automatically predict which employees are likely to be targeted by advanced email attacks, based on their role and their access to sensitive information.

API integration with Microsoft 365

The API architecture enables the phishing and impersonation protection to identify and block attacks in real time, with no impact on email or network performance. The APIs allow Barracuda to both learn customer historical communication patterns. It’s a cloud-based SaaS solution that requires no maintenance or installation.

Exportable reports

Demonstrate your value by sharing reports on the amount of AI detected email threats Barracuda blocked and quarantined. Data is exported in .CSV format, allowing MSPs to customize the data as required.

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