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Barracuda XDR Endpoint Security

Powerful endpoint protection

Expand your endpoint protection service to not only prevent advanced and zero-day threats, but proactively detect and respond as threats arise.

Flexible management options

Choose the managed or monitor-only options, so you can have control over the technology used and how hands-on you want our team to be.

Visibility and SOC expertise

Gain visibility and experience of our mature SOC with our proprietary detection rules to ensure threats are detected early and responded to quickly.

Centralized visibility

View all endpoints under your management in Barracuda XDR Dashboard that includes threat activities, and more.

Managed endpoint

Takes away the risks (and costs) associated with misconfigured and mismanaged endpoint security solutions.


Integrates your existing endpoint protection solution’s data for proactive monitoring, detection and response.

Customizable reports

Demonstrate the value you’re adding for customers via this service with brandable reports.

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