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Avast Ultimate Business Security

This package is certainly the ULTIMATE in online protection for businesses, hence its name. It assures users of the best in:

Device protection

This award-winning antivirus technology keeps your devices and information private without stalling your business processes. It ensures that your employees (or those of your clients) can be productive and efficient anywhere, any time.

Patch Management

Unpatched software in apps and operating systems is irresistible to potential hackers. Patch Management addresses all vulnerabilities to protect you.

Avast Business Hub

This tailored solution grows with your business. It’s an online management system that enables you to manage your security and devices remotely.

The Avast Ultimate Business Security package is easy to install, use and manage.


File shield

Prevents any malicious data from being downloaded and run on your devices.

Mail shield

Scans all emails that are received or sent via mail management software for malicious content. There are other Avast shields for emails sent or received via web-based platforms.

Behaviour shield

Monitors all real-time processes on your device to detect suspicious behaviour and block suspicious files.


Detects, analyses and blocks rare suspicious files, then sends them to the Avast Threat Lab for safe analysis.


Protects you and your clients and employees from specified unauthorised communication and intrusions. It also blocks attempted hacks.


Scans efficiently for suspicious add-ons, malware, outdated apps, and settings that may present a threat.


A safe environment that is isolated, allowing you to run apps and browse sites without potentially damaging your device.

Network inspector

Identifies potential security threats and scans for vulnerabilities, checks networks and router settings, and protects your network.

Real Site

Prevents hijacking of your DNS (usually done to get your usernames, passwords, and banking details).

Rescue disk

Scans your computer while the system is not running for more effective detection of malware.

Security browser extension

Blocks malicious adverts and scans sites to ascertain their authenticity.

Remote access shield

Allows you to restrict remote access and block unwanted connections to prevent RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) exploits and aggressive attacks.

Data shredder

Allows permanent deletion of your files so that this data is completely inaccessible to anyone else in future.

Exchange server protection

Filters emails to prevent potential attacks before they get access to the network.

Mobile device protection

Conducts scans, provides an unlimited photo vault, provides web protection, boosts RAM, cleans junk folders, checks Wi-Fi speed, protects apps, and more

SharePoint server protection

Avast SharePoint Protection ensures malicious files never reach your drive, inbox, or get anywhere near your business. You can choose what action Avast takes with uncleanable objects: Deny access, or Replace the object with a warning.

Identity protection

Avast works around the clock, scanning the web to see if and when your identity was stolen. It also supports identity theft prevention, by helping to remove your personal data from vulnerable places, such as data broker lists.


The Avast Ultimate Business Security package is ideal for smaller businesses, which are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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