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Premium Security

The Avast Premium Security package is a multi-device antivirus platform that offers total protection for all of your devices; whether they are phones, tablets or computers.


Windows PC

Your PC is susceptible to viruses, ransomware, and other scams and attacks. In fact, these threats target Windows more than any other operating system. This means that, if you have a PC, you need the strongest protection available.

Apple Mac

Protect your Mac from malware, malicious websites and suspicious Wi-Fi networks with this advanced protection.


Good iOS security ensures that you, as the user, are safe every time you’re online. This is achieved without unnecessary antivirus and malware protection.

Android devices

Malware and theft are big threats to android phones, which means that you need the best anti-malware and anti-theft protection for your device.


More than just antivirus, Avast Premium Security is complete online protection for all of your computers, phones, and

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