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Avast makes the usually-complex process of patching easier and more convenient than ever with the Avast Business Patch Management. All too often, the process of patching (distributing and applying updates to the various software platforms on your devices) is time-consuming and disruptive, and it can cause issues within the other systems of your organisation. But, it’s essential to your security.

So, Avast’s Patch Management package identifies areas of critical vulnerability and deploys patches wherever necessary quickly, easily and from one dashboard.


Flexible deployment schedules

You are able to schedule and install approved patches at times that suit you or opt to do it manually for groups or individual devices.

Intuitive dashboard

All of the software patches can be managed and summaries viewed from any device.

Customisable patches

Choose which products and software to scan and install. You also have the ability to exclude certain apps.

Master agent capabilities

Download missing patches to a master agent, who then distributes them to all managed devices in the network without disruption to your systems or people.

Patch scan results

The management platform provides detailed information regarding any missing patches, descriptions, release dates, severity levels, knowledge base links, and more.

Advanced reporting

The easily customised reports are key to understanding the health and effectiveness of your device software.


There are thousands of patches for the Windows operating systems, and thousands of other third-party software applications. These provide excellent and comprehensive protection for your devices and are essential to the integrity of your data and applications.

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