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Avast Cleanup Premium

Ensure that your device is running like new again with the Avast Cleanup Premium. It ensures that your device is free of junk and spam, and that it performs faster and better.


Sleep mode

Puts all of the apps that are draining your resources into hibernation so that your device can be speedier.

Automatic maintenance

Cleans and tunes your device on a scheduled basis, requiring nothing from you.

Registry cleaner

Scans the Windows registry for hidden junk, removes it, and repairs problems.

Automatic updates

Automatically locates and installs your most important apps’ latest updates.

Shortcut cleaner

Removes any dead shortcuts from your desktop and history across Windows and other applications.

Disk cleaner

Deletes leftover files (from Windows and more than 200 of the most popular PC programmes) safely.

Tuning dashboard and action centre

Provides a comprehensive overview of your PC and its general health.

Disk doctor

Checks and repairs errors on your hard disk quickly and effectively.

Browser cleaner

Deletes browsing traces and cookies from more than 25 browsers.

Bloatware removal

Finds and removes third-party trials, ads, and toolbars.

System tools

This package includes useful tools like registry editor, system information, and shredder.


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