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The Avast Business Antivirus Pro product is a comprehensive data and device protection package with all the features of Avast Business Antivirus, as well as a few extras. These include automatic software updates, additional server security, and data shredding to delete files permanently.

We have hundreds of millions of users who need current, constant protection, and this package provides just that. And because this massive cloud-based application is constantly evolving and learning, it is becoming more powerful, faster and more effective all the time.


Software updater

Commonly-used third-party data is kept up to date so that any potential security threats are removed.

*only available with standalone antivirus

Data shredder

Protect the data that you never want to be retrieved by anybody. The data shredder overwrites this data multiple times so that any sensitive information is permanently deleted for everyone.

Exchange server protection

Potential attacks are stopped at the exchange server level before any damage can be done to your networks. All emails are scanned and filtered to achieve this.

SharePoint Server Protection

This analyses all of the files on your shared storage platforms to prevent malware.

File shield

Any and all files that are being opened or downloaded on any of the devices are scanned thoroughly to ensure they haven’t been infected with malware.

Wi-Fi inspector

Analyses the networks, devices and router settings throughout your organisation to check for any potential threats and vulnerable areas.

Web shield

Data that is being transferred while you or your employees are on the internet is scanned to prevent malware from being downloaded or run on your device.

Mail shield

Scans all emails that are received or sent via mail management software for malicious content. Avast has other shields for emails that are sent or received via web-based platforms.

Behaviour shield

Monitors all real-time processes on your device to detect suspicious behaviour and block suspicious files.


detects, analyses and blocks rare suspicious files, and then sends them to the Avast Threat Lab for safe analysis.


Protects you and your clients and employees from specified unauthorised communication and intrusions. It also blocks attempted hacks.


Scans efficiently for suspicious add-ons, malware, outdated apps, and settings that may present a threat.


A safe environment that is isolated, allowing you to run apps and browse sites without potentially damaging your device.

Real Site

Prevents hijacking of your DNS (usually done to get your usernames, passwords, and banking details).

Rescue disk

Scans your computer while the system is not running for more effective detection of malware.

Security browser extension

Blocks malicious adverts and scans sites to ascertain their authenticity.

Password protection

This keeps all of the passwords saved on your browser safe from being viewed, changed or deleted by apps or malware.

SecureLine VPN

When using your connection via public Wi-Fi connections, this encrypts your data and keeps your connection absolutely safe.

Browser cleanup

This facility checks your browsers for add-ons that might be suspicious and removes cookies that contain personal information.

Webcam shield

Prevent your webcam from being accessed by apps and malware without your knowledge or consent with this shield.


The Avast Business Antivirus Pro is a fantastic resource to keep your business, network, information, and people safe from cyber-criminals.

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