Great news! AvertITD was recently appointed at the Distributor for Anydesk for Africa.

This means we're offering AnyDesk Software that enables you to provide IT support from anywhere.

Whether you're in the office next door or halfway around the world, AnyDesk's Remote Support has got your back for any IT issue. It's safe, dependable, and perfect for both IT pros and service providers.

AnyDesk's Remote Desktop Software is super secure, with customizable options and a DIY On-Premises setup for your specific needs.

Here's what AnyDesk brings to the table:

Cloud or On-Premises Setup

Go for our cloud solution with all the bells and whistles, or keep things independent by installing it on your own servers.

Full Mobile Support

Access and control desktops, servers, and devices using your smartphone or tablet, no matter what platform you're on.

Flexibility & customization

Make AnyDesk your own – customize it to fit your needs and keep a consistent brand experience.

AnyDesk’s performance in action:

Screen Sharing from everywhere

AnyDesk lets you share screens in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Manage Mobile Devices Easily

Got a bunch of mobile devices to handle? AnyDesk makes it a breeze, saving you a ton of time.

Remote Work without a Hitch

Your powerful PC is ready for action wherever you are – work in real-time from any device.

Easy Remote Printing

Print from anywhere with just a click, making your remote work smoother.

Stable Interactive Access

Zero delays when working with your colleagues' screens worldwide – training and fixing stuff is a piece of cake.

Speedy File Transfer

AnyDesk ensures lightning-fast and unlimited file transfers, so you can take your files wherever you go.

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