Macrium Site Manager: empowering efficient data management

With Macrium Site Manager, managing data backups across multiple devices and locations has never been more convenient and secure.

In the fast-paced world of IT, the value of data cannot be overstated. Safeguarding this vital asset is a priority for businesses of all sizes. Macrium Reflect has long been a trusted solution for comprehensive data backup, offering a lifeline in the face of data loss, hardware issues or technical crises. Now, with the introduction of Macrium Site Manager, managing data backups across multiple devices and locations has never been more convenient and secure.

What is Macrium Site Manager?

Macrium Site Manager is a revolutionary tool that allows businesses to efficiently manage multiple Reflect installations in a multi-site, multi-user environment. This centralised solution simplifies the process of creating scalable backups, making it an indispensable asset for IT professionals. The user-friendly interface ensures that data remains secure and easily accessible, even in the event of a disaster. Best of all, the base product is available for download at no cost, further enhancing its accessibility and appeal for organisations of all sizes.

Introducing Site Manager 8.1

With the release of Site Manager 8.1, Macrium takes data security and rapid recovery to the next level. This updated version of Macrium’s powerful backup software offers a seamless experience for users, enabling them to safeguard their data and minimize downtime more effectively.

In version 8, users were already able to remotely sync data to cloud storage platforms, schedule intra-daily backups and restore machines using rescue media via a single USB. Site Manager 8.1 builds on this foundation, introducing new features such as enhanced management of power-saving options, including the ability to shut down, reboot or suspend computers after backup completion. The improved interface streamlines repository management, partition selection, and endpoint restoration, making the process faster and more efficient. Site Manager 8.1 also seamlessly integrates with Macrium’s latest product release, SiteDeploy.

Transitioning to Site Manager

For users with standalone Macrium licences, transitioning to Macrium Site Manager is a breeze. Simply uninstall Reflect from the machines where it’s currently installed and enter your licence keys in Site Manager. The software will automatically assign licences to computers, requiring no further action. Alternatively, if you opt to leave Reflect licences installed on your computers, Site Manager will detect and integrate your standalone licences into the framework automatically.

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