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AvertIT Distribution is a specialised distributor of software and security systems offering high-quality solutions through technical expertise and a structured approach to assisting customers. AvertITD was established in 2004 and has partners throughout the African continent, the Middle East and South Africa. A large reseller and partner base is committed to the product.

Various software solutions

The systems we offer give clients access to a variety of proven high-quality solutions. AvertITD provides Barracuda, Macrium and IP Warden in addition to the well-known Avast and AVG programs. They are all dependable, efficient, effective and affordable, and simple to install, administer and update.


To guarantee in-house and consumer access to top-notch online security, choose our excellent Avast cybersecurity solutions. Avast is a robust antivirus program that is simple to install, inexpensive and reliable. It is the go-to solution for maximum protection and use at home and in the workplace.

Avast for business

Any business, whether established or expanding, must prioritise cybersecurity and this program provides 24/7 IT assistance, data protection and device protection.

A multinational software company, Gen Digital recently became one of the parent organisations of Avast. This reputable software organisation has a flawless record of accomplishment in providing expert cybersecurity in many forms.


Our antivirus solutions are ideal for both home and commercial computers and are inexpensive, simple to use, powerful and easy to update. Users can choose from more than six distinct solutions.


To provide total data protection in a residential or commercial setting, we provide Macrium products and services to our resellers and distributors. Macrium focuses on dependable backup and recovery to guard against the loss of important data due to spyware, cyberattacks, technological errors and natural catastrophes. It enables total control over some of our most essential assets online.

Many obstacles can cause technology to fail, and should this happen, organisations may be rendered unusable for days while IT professionals work to restore the data. Effective backups and recovery, however, might mean the difference between an almost immediate recovery of all your crucial data with regular backups versus potentially permanently losing some sensitive or critical information.

IP Warden

A “host intrusion prevention” program called IP Warden keeps an eye on the Windows Event logs for failed login attempts from a specific source IP. To detect unauthenticated attempts, IP Warden first scans the Windows Event Logs for authentication logs. The IP address that originated when the attempt was made is then blocked, prohibiting any additional cracks and further damage to your important data.


Customer satisfaction rating software called EZ-rate is simple to use. It provides crucial data on customer feedback regarding the goods and services offered. In return, the essential team members will have access to vital information they can use to make the necessary updates.


With the help of Barracuda’s portfolio of solutions, you can provide thorough security services that cover defence, detection and reaction across attack surfaces including email, endpoints, networks and more, adding layers of protection to the data, people and reputation of your clients with the following tools:

  • E-mail threat prevention: Spam, malware and advanced threat protection, phishing and impersonation protection, account takeover, protection, domain fraud protection, web security, zero trust access for Microsoft 365, e-mail threat scanner.
  • E-mail post-delivery detection and response.
  • Incident response, security awareness training.
  • E-mail data protection and compliance: E-mail encryption and data loss prevention, cloud-to-cloud backup, cloud archiving service, data inspector.
  • Application protection: Web application protection, API protection, full spectrum DDoS protection, advanced bot protection, secure app delivery, reporting & analytics.
  • Network security: CloudGen firewall, secure access service edge (SASE), CloudGen WAN, CloudGen access, secure SD-WAN, zero-trust access, industrial security (IoT/OT), secure connector, web security and filtering, web security gateway.
  • Data protection: Backup, cloud-cloud backup, data inspector.

SSL certificates

An SSL certificate, a type of digital certificate, allows for the establishment of an encrypted connection and provides authentication assurance for websites. These certificates inform the client that, at the time the certificate was issued, the web service host had proven ownership of the domain. This adds credibility and an element of trust to your consumer’s website.

Secure your essential data with expert systems

Using any of our systems guarantees vital online protection, whether needed for business purposes or to safeguard any household data. Contact one of our friendly agents today to become a trusted reseller of high-quality products essential to good business housekeeping. Phone +27-10-007-4430 (Johannesburg) or +27-21-007-2655 (Cape Town), or e-mail sales@avertitd.com.

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