Avast and NortonLifeLock merge to tackle new challenges in Cyber Safety

In today's world, cybercrime is on the rise, and it can be hard to know who to trust when it comes to protecting your data. Two of the most popular security options are Avast and Nortonlifelock. They announced their intention to merge over a year ago, and this recent merge officially went into effect in September this year, changing cybersecurity for the better.

A Personal Note from Ondrej Vlcek

Ondrej Vlcek, the Chief Executive Officer for Avast says he is very excited for this new company and says “I spent a lot of time with Vincent Pilette, NortonLifeLock CEO, discussing how to bring our two companies together, particularly to the benefit of our customers. It was clear to both of us that the speed at which the online world is evolving is a significant threat to freedom in the digital environment. The conviction of the importance of protecting this freedom is something that both our companies have in common; we have both always fought for users' online rights through our values and our products.”

Vlcek started as an intern at Avast and stayed a further rewarding 27 years, where he furthered his career. He also says he feels pride, nostalgia and excitement for this new journey. Vlcek and his senior management team strive to have a people-centric approach which Avast carries through globally. Below he shares some personal thoughts about Avast and its past and future.


Avast has been around for over 34 years and started with just two people. Now it has a turnover of over a billion dollars with 7,000 employees and counting. Every employee adds significant contribution and innovation to Avast all over the world.


Our 435+ million user base is steadily growing along all the many Avast milestones and memories. Access to free online security is a human right in our connected, highly digital age.


This is an innovative opportunity for future growth and expansion in the cybersecurity world. There is great confidence that this synergy will deliver exceptional results and even greater success.

The Way Forward

This Joint vision in cyber security between Avast and Nortonlifelock delivers digital privacy and security, propelling the cyber security market forward to new heights. New products and improved customer service are part of these new merged resources that are now offered to clients and their businesses.

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