Watchguard Dimension

WatchGuard Dimension™ integrates with your Fireboxes and WatchGuard servers to provide a flexible, cloud-ready logging, reporting, and management solution. From Dimension, you can manage your Fireboxes, review the log messages for all your connected Fireboxes and WatchGuard servers, and schedule, view, and run reports from the log messages collected by Dimension.

Start With The Big Picture

Get a high-level view of network activity that pinpoints top trends, top clients, and correlated views of top users and applications. Then with just a click, you can drill all the way down to individual log data that reveals key details.

Executive Dashboard

Reviewing massive amounts of data makes effective analysis impossible. Organize your thoughts around crystal clear data points in the dashboard.

Policy Map

Policies are the brains of the firewall. Use Policy Map’s integrated big picture views to find what policies are used, how they impact traffic flows, and whether they are as effective as intended. Policy Map makes it easier to find active and misconfigured policies and drill down as needed.

The Power of Visualization

Who consumes the most bandwidth
Are there unusual traffic patterns
What is the most popular website visited
Which applications are used by specific workers
Whch applications consume the most bandwidth

FireWatch filters traffic in a way that instantly highlights the most critical information on active users and connections.

Threat Map

Instantly see by location where threats are coming from. A few clicks will tell you exactly which IP to block to protect your network.

Drill down

You have the option to pivot, drill-down, and filter to get exactly the information you need, when you need it.

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