Secure Private Access

The challenges of a traditional VPN approach

The traditional DMZ with VPN technology no longer protects the modern, cloud-first workplace.

Poor user experience

Users dislike VPNs due to the constant login requirements every time application access is needed. They grow frustrated with its latency when working remotely and often attempt to bypass security controls altogether to get work done.

Higher risks of attacks

A VPN extends the corporate network to the remote user, broadening the attack surface and increasing breach risk. If a remote employee’s device becomes infected with malware, it can infect the whole network when the user VPNs in.

High cost and complexity

A full VPN gateway appliance stack is expensive and requires significant resources to manage. It becomes even costlier as latency and capacity limitations require an organization to replicate gateway stacks at each data center.

Zero trust network access (ZTNA) for the modern workplace

Secure Private Access (SPA) empowers companies to shed the many weaknesses of VPN solutions, and adopt a cloud-first approach, decoupling security from the data center and shifting to the scalability and reliability of the cloud

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