Safetica offers next generation, proactive, multifaceted security for your clients and their sensitive data. It protects against insider threats, which are the biggest threats to the private information, files and records of small and large companies alike. Data breaches, whether malicious or mistaken, cost companies millions of dollars and take months to resolve, compromising productivity enormously.

In fact, research indicates that 80% of companies have experienced data loss due to mistaken or malicious leaks. The vast majority of companies (almost three-quarters) have reported an increase in insider attacks and about 60% of data breaches are because of insiders. In addition:

There was a 50% increase in the number of insider cybersecurity threats from 2018 to 2020.
40% of employees have mistakenly sent an email to the wrong person (including recipients outside the organisation).
More than 55% of data leaks are as a result of negligent employees.
45% of staff members take work-related data home with them from the office.
90% of companies can't detect threats from inside the organisation.

Safetica is an effective data protection platform for all kinds of companies.

Promises powerful protection against data loss and insider threats.
Is designed for remote and hybrid work settings.
Is easy to use, install and manage.
Offers a non-invasive approach, not interfering with work or the infrastructure.
Supports and enforces your company’s standards and regulations.
Safetica offers:
The discovery and classification of data so that your sensitive data is always safe, regardless of where it is saved or transferred.
Detection of threats from within the organisation and a quick, efficient reaction to ensure that data is protected.
Compliance with your data protection security acts.
The timely detection and prevention of regulatory violations.
The prevention of data loss by the management of data flow from and within the company.

Safetica’s Solutions

Safetica’s data protection packages are easy, efficient and flexible enough to cater to your clients’ unique environment and needs. There is minimal interference with existing systems and users, and your data is protected on the various devices, operating systems, cloud, software, and hardware.

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