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Keeping sensitive information and data safe from internal threats is a multifaceted challenge for companies. Safetica ONE offers a single, complete solution. It addresses all aspects of data loss and internal risks, and actively protects your information from being shared maliciously or mistakenly.

This enterprise DLP learns algorithms so that it can categorise sensitive documents to protect them from unnecessary exposure, which may lead to data loss and exfiltration.

How it Works

Safetica ONE assures you and your clients of absolute, real-time control of confidential and sensitive data.

It allows users to define their secure workspace, and control applications and websites so that the amount of undesirable behaviour is significantly reduced. This, in turn, translates to major savings in terms of the cost of efficient data and information security.

Safetica ONE automatically and continually analyses data, evaluating every operation that is being undertaken within the organisation. It conducts thorough risk assessments of each action and takes action to protect and educate users.

Safetica ONE is hassle-free, not interfering with productivity within the organisation. It empowers the IT managers and your employees to work without having to worry needlessly about data security, thanks to the automation of security policies and efficient integration with your existing systems.

Highlights of Safetica ONE

Enforces regulatory compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and others by setting policies.
Audits job searches.
Actively prevents the loss of data and reduces the risk of insider threats significantly and cost-effectively.
Protects sensitive data like source codes, blueprints, customer-related data, USB access, printouts, and business info from being leaked on purpose or by accident.
Detects and addresses unwanted devices, software, hardware and cloud services.
Educates employees regarding data protection and reminds them of the company’s policies if they ever engage in risky behaviour.
Integrates with Microsoft 365, Fortinet network appliances, all devices, Windows and Mac operating systems, the cloud, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software. Any audited incident can be sent to SIEM solutions like IBM QRadar or LogRhythm, for investigation. Advanced analysis is conducted by tools provided by REST API.
Easy to install and manage within your unique environment.
Protects company data, critical assets, and resources.
Leverages end-user interaction to create a one-stop-shop of automated data security.
Low-maintenance and scalable.
Deploys quickly and easily, with few hardware requirements.
Works in the cloud or on the premises.
Provides thorough behaviour analysis and tracks changes in user behaviour.
Gathers insights into email communication.
Classifies data and conducts data-flow audits to investigate security risks and report on them.
Takes control of hybrid digital workspaces, analysing and learning behaviour so that high-risk employees can be found and audited.

Why is it Necessary?

Internal threats to sensitive data are increasing and significant, as these statistics from various sources (including the Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report) indicate:

73% of companies reported an increase in insider attacks.

The number of insider cybersecurity threats increased by almost 50% from 2018 to 2020.

60% of data breaches are caused by insiders.

45% of staff members take work-related data home with them from the office.

40% of employees have mistakenly sent an email to the wrong recipient.

Over 55% of data leak incidents are due to negligent employees.

90% of companies can't detect threats from inside the organisation.

It takes a long time to detect and contain a data breach. In fact, most breaches take several months to detect and another two months (on average) to contain. And each breach usually costs the company hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

Safetica ONE for Your Clients

There are three different solutions to offer your clients:

Safetica ONE Discovery – this identifies potential security risks and sensitive data, then classifies the data accordingly. It provides thorough security and regulatory audit reports.

Safetica ONE Protection – prevent losing sensitive data with the Dynamic Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Insider Threat Protection.

Safetica ONE Enterprise – Safetica ONE integrates with your IT stack and multi-domain environments to protect your resources, even in very complex setups.

All three versions offer:

Data-flow security audit

Office 365 file and email audit

Regulatory compliance audit

Workspace security audit

Content inspection classification

Detection of suspicious activities

The Protection and Enterprise packages offer many more features in addition.

This “next generation” security offers your clients complete peace of mind. It is quick, easy, low-maintenance safety and security for all of their valuable and sensitive data.

Offer your clients the best, fastest and most efficient data security.
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