Macrium Reflect Deployment Kit License

Macrium Reflect Deployment Kit License

The Technician's Deployment Kit License allows up to 5 technicians to create "Master" or "Golden" images and deploy them to an unlimited number of workstations and servers. This enables internal IT departments and commercial IT specialists to set up PCs without having to purchase a separate license for each workstation or server providing the software is not installed on more than one PC at a time.

Each Deployment Kit includes 1 Macrium Reflect Server License valid for 5 concurrent installs* plus upgrade protection and technical support during the subscription period.

This software comes with Portable Application Support, allowing you to create up to 5 USB sticks with rescue environment that can image your target workstations online and offline.

This is a yearly subscription at a discounted rate from year 2.

* This Macrium Reflect license will continue to function as a Server license if the Deployment Kit subscription is cancelled.

Note: This license is not supported by the Macrium Site Manager.

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