Macrium Reflect Technician’s License

Portable backup software for IT maintenance and support

The Macrium Reflect Technician’s License and Macrium Reflect are similar – many users ask us about the differences between the two. However, there are some important differences:

How is the Technician’s License different from the Deployment Kit?

The Technician’s License for a single technician; the deployment kit licences 5 technicians.

The Deployment Kit covers wide scale deployment. The Technicians License restores to the same computer or its replacement.


With a Technician’s License you can add Macrium Reflect to a USB stick and carry the power of its backup engine in your pocket.


Perform maintenance and provide technical support with confidence by backing up data without ever installing Macrium on target machines.


By combining portability with reliability, you can ensure that users can get back to using their equipment quickly.

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