Barracuda Solutions

Incident Response for Microsoft 365

Respond to attacks faster

Automate the email threat detection remediation process to prevent attacks from spreading further in your customers’ email environment.

Prevent future attacks

Leverage Barracuda’s global intelligence network to prevent already identified threats from entering your customers’ email environment.

Expand your service offering

Email attacks are becoming more pervasive. Ensure your customers are secured with an automated service that can allow you to quickly detect and remediate email threats.

Threat hunting

Enable end-users to report threats in their mailbox. Additionally, Barracuda Insights allows you to identify anomalies within delivered mail and uncover instances of phishing attacks.


Upon discovery of an email threat, an incident is created, and malicious emails are deleted directly from user inboxes, then notifying impacted users of the incident.


Create and enable custom response playbooks to automatically remove messages that contain malicious URLs and attachments post-delivery.

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