Comodo Antispam Gateway

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What is Spam Mail?

Commercial advertising through mails are known as spam emails. These emails are the best option that makes advertising affordable and much feasible. Spam emails are most commonly termed as junk emails. Most of the spam emails are sure to possess links that would direct the recipient to phishing or malicious website.

Why Anti-Spam Filter Software?

The anti-spam software protects emails, SharePoint collaboration and instant messages from malware threats. The anti-spam filter software assist in detecting and blocking spam much in advance even before it reaches the internal mail platform.

Overview of Comodo Antispam Gateway

  • Cloud-based (SaaS) Pre perimeter defense against spam, phishing emails and virus-infected attachments
  • Restores user's productivity lost to Inbox housekeeping
  • Granular configuration of user's mail management privileges
  • e-Discovery of users, Active Directory and LDAP integration facilitates user account creation
  • Forensic-grade auditing of all mail management and domain configuration events
  • Mail backup archive stores mail for future recovery
  • Mail spooling stores email if the destination server is unavailable
  • Complements Disaster Recovery Planning by re-populating the local mail-store from archive
  • Webmail functionality provides business continuity should the local mail-server be unavailable to mail users
Unsolicited email is the leading cause of corporate malware infections and fraud
  • Infected attachments and phishing emails arrive in employee's inboxes on a minute-by-minute basis, and with 7 out of 10 mails received today being spam, this is a situation that threatens to overwhelm companies that do not have an effective mail filter in place.
  • Spam is also a productivity killer. If it takes an employee 4 seconds to open, identify and delete a spam mail, an organization with 300 employees receiving 10 spam messages per day will pay out for 102 lost days per year.
  • Spam slows legitimate network traffic to a crawl. By appropriating part of your bandwidth, spammers blunt your competitive edge. You could invest in a faster connection, but why pay for spammers to get quicker access to your employees?
  • Without effective protection, it's only a matter of time before any given network is infected. The sheer number of messages containing malicious attachments and phishing links make it statistically likely that a company will be hit by a spam-related threat at some point.
  • Employers have a legal responsibility to protect employees from offensive content. If pornographic, sacrilegious or socially offensive spam reaches an employee, then your business could be susceptible to litigation.
  • Your IT Team must handle every employee's spam-related complaint. This decreases their productivity and the productivity of the employee.

Why is CASG Better than Local or Mail Server Spam Filtering?

Better protection. Comodo Anti-Spam Gateway provides gateway filtering of email. This means messages are intercepted and filtered by Comodo Anti-Spam Gateway servers before being forwarded on to your mail server - ensuring a clean mail stream is delivered to your end users. Unlike a local anti spam solution, unsolicited and virus-carrying mail never touches the corporate network.

Always up to date. As a cloud based service, Comodo Anti-Spam Gateway filters mail against whitelists and blacklists which are constantly updated in real-time. This offers far greater protection than periodically downloading whitelists and blacklists or having to occasionally update device firmware.

Easier to manage. Comodo Antispam Gateway is outsourced anti-spam, so your business needn't purchase dedicated hardware that needs maintenance and updates. Admins just add their domains to the Comodo Anti-Spam Gateway console, point their MX records to the Comodo Anti-Spam Gateway servers and filtering begins immediately.

omodo Antispam Gateway - KoruMail Cloud can reduce spam by up to 97%.

Comodo Anti-Spam Gateway features a centralized, web based management console which makes it easy for administrators to set up and control spam filtering on networks of any size. Administrators can quickly add users and domains, configure mail blacklists and whitelists, manage quarantined emails and configure multiple users groups and permissions. Comodo Antispam Gateway features a comprehensive reporting system and also provides each employee with a login that allows them to manage their quarantined mail.

Initial setup is designed to be as painless as possible and requires only that Mail Exchanger (MX) records are redirected to Comodo's Antispam servers and that your mail server is specified as the end destination.

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