Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

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The fastest, most complete protection for your business powered by the world’s largest threat detection network.


Comprehensive antivirus, data and identity protection protecting your business and keeping your data safe against the latest threats while you stay focused on your business.

Machine-learning protection

Threats are constantly evolving and thanks to Avast’s machine learning and the world’s largest threat detection network our protection is constantly evolving, detecting new threats quickly and keeping you safe.

Clean and safe Inbox

Our anti-spam service is constantly running to keep your inbox clean with real-time updates provided through the world’s largest sensor network.

Behavior Shield

Protect against the newest threats by closely watching the behavior of all running programs and able to step in and stop a program instantly.


Speeds up the scanning process by combining scans for malware, software updates, network problems, new features and performance issues - shows itemized results and offers tools and suggestion to fix them.

Secure Servers

Protect your Sharepoint and Exchange servers to make sure malicious files don’t get through or shared.

Permanently Delete Files

Deleted files can often be recovered. Permanently delete files and keep your data private.

Keep 3rd party software updated

We’ll keep an eye on common 3rd party applications and keep them updated to keep you protected.

Secure connections Secure connections over wifi when you’re on the go. Avast Passwords Secure storage and management of all your browser passwords. Browse safely Secure browsing for online banking to keep your data safe


Today’s threats are ever-changing. Your protection needs to be both broad in coverage and deep in capability. Only Avast has the advantage of the world’s largest threat detection network powered by 400 million endpoints.


Today’s threats are ever-changing. Your protection needs to be both broad in coverage and deep in capability. Only Avast has the advantage of the world’s largest threat detection network powered by 400 million endpoints.

• FILE SHIELD Stops threats and keep your business moving. File Shield quickly scans files that are launched on a PC to ensure they’re free of malware

• WEB SHIELD Web Shield scans both HTTP and HTTPS sites for malware and other dangers, even verifying website certificates, without disrupting your browsing experience.

• EMAIL SHIELD Free your workforce to surf,  search and email with confidence. Email Shield scans emails in your inbox to ensure they’re free of malware.

• BEHAVIOR SHIELD Provides real-time monitoring of all programs currently running on your PC. If it notices a behavior out of the ordinary (e.g. a PDF trying to access a web link) it blocks the action and reports the behavior to you.


Better outbound protection and configurability compared to Windows Firewall. It silently monitors all traffic using crowd sourced data from our 400 million global users to keep you safe.


Phishing and other threats rely on email as the primary attack method. Anti-spam keeps all the spam and suspicious emails out of your inbox. You can even adjust how tightly Antispam controls the flow of emails to your inbox.


SmartScan combines scans for viruses, software updates, network problems, new features and performance issues into a single click. Once completed, it shows the itemized results and, if there are any issues, offers tools and suggestions to fix them.


When you’re not sure about a given file or application, run it safely in a virtual space isolated from the rest of your PC. Now there’s no risk of stolen data or corrupted software. Easily run individual files with just a click, and continue to run them for as long as you see fit. Any changes made by the executable are not saved once the Sandbox is closed.


Scans networks for vulnerable devices and compromising services then allows you to address any security issues reported by providing step-by-step remediation instructions.


Malware can redirect you away from your intended destination, such as your bank’s website, to a fake site that looks just like the real thing. Real Site stops malware in its tracks by encrypting the traffic between an Avast-protected device and our DNS server. YOu can relax knowing that you will always go to the right destination, every time.


Helps you create a bootable version of your Avast installation. This way, if your PC becomes so infected that it can’t even run properly, you can clean reboot and restore functionality.


Avast’s proprietary, cloud-based CyberCapture identifies, isolates and determines, even more quickly, whether unknown files are harmful - analyzing results in real-time. CyberCapture isolates unknown files safely in the cloud for a deeper level of analysis and automatically establishes a two-way communication channel with Avast Threat Labs to speed detection. CyberCapture analyzes over 10,000 new files every day to protect you against the latest threats.


Avast Online Security features a number of browser plug-ins. Do Not Track identifies tracking software allowing you to enable, disable or create a selectively private online browsing experience. Each of our browser plug-ins also include an Anti-phishing feature that blocks webpages from loading if Avast detects malicious sites. The SiteCorrect function corrects typos in URLs to prevent you from accidentally going to websites you didn’t intend to visit.


SafeZone browser is a secure browser with built-in safety features to protect your privacy, prevent hacker attacks, block ads and deliver a better browsing experience. A separate Bank mode isolates the browser session and protects against keystroke logging, network eavesdropping, password capture and your personal data.



Out of date software and applications represents serious vulnerabilities to a PC and the network. Software Updater lists all the out-of-date programs and applications on the device and allows you to update them with a single, convenient click.


Even deleting a file doesn’t remove it for good. Data Shredder encrypts deleted data so even if it’s recovered, no one can extract anything from your files.


Scans all emails and filters out malicious emails before they get to you.


Scans files before they are uploaded on to the Sharepoint server to ensure that only the “clean” files will be let in.


PASSWORD MANAGER Password Manager makes passwords easier to manage and keep users safe. All passwords are stored securely and shared across devices locked behind a master password. The accompanying browser add-on can auto-fill web forms when using protected accounts. Additionally the Premium version will notify you when one of your protected account has been attacked.

SECURELINE VPN SecureLine VPN provides a secure connection when using any type of network, be it a home network or public Wi-Fi. It encrypts all communication, anonymizes browsing, privatizes uploads and downloads and makes emails, logins, messages, and credit card details invisible.

BROWSER CLEANUP Keep your PC running smoothly and your data safe. Scans your browsers, identifies all poorly-rated addons, extensions, search engines & toolbars and allows you to disable or remove them quickly.


The Avast Business Endpoint Protection solutions secure, simplify and optimize the IT experience for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. As a business unit of Avast Software, channel partners and their end customers gain the confidence of working with a company that is uniquely positioned in the security and managed services market. Serving over 400 million people and businesses, each device Avast protects and secures acts as a sensor, providing unparalleled insight into what is happening real-time in our users’ world through their connected technologies. Our threat detection network is among the most advanced in the world, using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to detect and stop threats in real time. This gives us unprecedented insight into the lifecycle of cyber security attacks, malware, phishing, ransomware and data breaches to deliver the most comprehensive protection against cybercrime to date while delivering products that are easy to purchase, onboard and implement with high-performance. Avast Business Endpoint Protection solutions may be managed from the cloud or from an on-premise solution and includes a security remote monitoring and management platform which helps SMBs secure their network. Avast Business is dedicated to the channel and has a comprehensive partner program in place to support partners with tools and knowledge to successfully position and sell Avast Business products, effectively secure SMBs, and enable profitable channel growth. Partners can access cloud and hosted services for their end customers. On-premise business security solutions can also be purchased online directly by SMBs. A

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