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Mac Security

Ensure that your Mac is safe and protected with the advanced Avast Mac Security. Be proactive about protecting your Mac from malware, viruses, phishing and ransomware with this comprehensive package.


Advanced antivirus

Real-time blocking of any and all threats to your Mac.

Web shield

Data that is being transferred while you or your employees are on the internet is scanned to prevent malware from being downloaded or run on your device.

Mail shield

Scans all emails that are received or sent via mail management software for malicious content. Avast has other shields for emails that are sent or received via web-based platforms.

File shield

Any and all files that are being opened or downloaded on any of the devices are scanned thoroughly to ensure they haven’t been infected with malware.

Wi-Fi inspector

Analyses the networks, devices and router settings throughout your organisation to check for any potential threats and vulnerable areas.

Real Site

Prevents hijacking of your DNS (usually done to get your usernames, passwords, and banking details).

Wi-Fi security alerts

Provides real-time warnings about network vulnerabilities and intruders.

Real-time updates

Ensures that you have the best protection by pushing security updates to you.

Virus chest

Provides a place to store files that are potentially dangerous.

Phishing net

Protects you from even very recent phishing attempts and tactics.

Scheduled scans

Schedule malware scans to be conducted even when you’re away from your device.

Ransomware shield

Protects the files in protected folders on your Mac from being susceptible to damage from ransomware.


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