Avast Business Cloud Backup

Avast Business Cloud Backup Service keeps data secure and ensures business continuity by protecting endpoint devices with an automated backup process that is easy to deploy and manage.

Protect your business data with automated backup and recovery

Quickly set up backup schedules on devices. Centrally manage from one dashboard to ensure all data is backed up and available. Easily recover data in the case of an unexpected event.

Protect business data

Create a full backup of workstation files and schedule backups to run as often as every hour. Each backup captures new changes to data, enabling unlimited file versioning and the ability to revert to previous versions without data growing exponentially and impacting storage.

Centrally monitor and manage

Monitor endpoint devices in real-time from one dashboard either within the CloudCare platform or locally on the end user’s computer for more granular control. Easily manage backups from the dashboard by setting policies and receiving alerts on failed, overdue, and successful backups.

Recover files quickly

Recover data on-demand from either the CloudCare platform or the user’s computer, and restore to the original location or a new designated location.


Data Retention Policies

Choose from a range of retention policies to determine what data to store, archive, or replicate, and for how long. This reduces data storage costs both in the cloud and locally.

Automatic Encryption

Protect data during any stage of the backup and restore with automatic AES 256-bit encryption of files in transit and in storage.

Convenient Payment Model

Provide a pay-as-you-go billing model without hidden fees, long-term contracts or commitments. Simply turn the service on or off as needed.

Cloud or Local Backup

Use predefined policies and schedules to automatically back up data to the cloud with the option to back up locally as well.

Policy Configuration and Scheduling

Customize and set policies, including identifying how often backups take place or the types and sizes of files captured, and apply the policies to as many devices as needed to meet user requirements.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate real-time reports, including Backup History and Backup Usage reports that provide detailed information and make it easy to track backup status, analyze backup processes, or respond to audits.

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