Avast Business Antivirus

Avast Business Antivirus is a full-featured antivirus solution for SMBs that keeps any end-user device connected to the network safe from sophisticated online threats — whether it’s a known ransomware variant or a never-seen-before, zero day attack.

Business Endpoint Protection Made Simple

With Avast Business Antivirus, adding critical protection to every PC, Mac, and server has never been easier. Flexible cloud management provides the most convenient way to protect businesses.

Avast for Business console
Instant access to browser-based console with complete control over the behaviour of antivirus on endpoint devices.
Centralized management of multiple devices – accessible anywhere.
A complete overview of the current status of the entire environment with immediate alerts.
Immediate access to support with in-product chat.
Automatic and seamless updates.
Reduce cost and time by moving to the cloud.
Avast for Business Antivirus
Leverage virtualization to ensure confidential information is protected.
Protect multiple platforms – PCs, Macs, and servers.
Update to the latest version automatically or manually.
Add extra firewall protection for remote endpoints.
Provide complete server protection.
Secure your email client.

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